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Touch IC

All around Touch Solution G2touch provides touch solution for a variety of products from small-sized mobile phones, mid-sized tablets, laptop monitors to vehicle displays.

  • G7500

    • Touch solution for 10 ~ 15.6” laptops and monitors
    • Capacitive low-power touch IC and sensor
    • Support low-power/large-screen Windows and Chromebook
  • G1M77

    • Touch solution for 6 ~ 7” OCTA display for mobile phones
    • Capacitive low-power touch IC and solution
    • Equipped with virtual proximity sensor function
    • Support 480Hz high-speed touch for the gaming mode
  • G1M2K

    • Touch solution for 8~14” mid-sized tablets and large-sized foldable displays
    • Capacitive low-power touch IC and sensor
    • Equipped with virtual proximity sensor function
    • Support high-speed touch up to 200Hz

Key Functions

    • On Cell sensor for OLDE/LCD
    • Zero Bezel
    • Small bottom BM using active area
    • Single layer for low manufactur-ing cost
    • Ready for MP factory inspectionl
    • No field issue report
    • Fast report
    • Free from Row interface
      (Best for gaming mode)
    • Active Pen for LCD and OLED
    • Glove touch
    • Noise Free strong at charger, ground, impulse and burst, lamp noise
    • Water/Moisture free water rejection using special scan mode
    • Strong at temperature No false touch or touch fall at Low and High temperature
    • Virtual proximity using area specific hovering

Technology Self Cap

  • Self capacitance touch sensing with Driving Back technology

    • G2touch’s unique touch sensing technology
    • High sensitivity on high resolution display
    • Applicable to Bezel-less display design
    • Fits into small to large size display panel


  • Single Layer sensor supporting various shapes and size

    • Only 1 touch sensor layer is necessary
    • Comes with variable shapes and size
    • Invisible sensor lines