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Inner Heater

Inner Heater is heating device. It’s inserted into the vacuum-related process equipment such as semiconductor, Display,
LED. The remainder of the process off-gas is formed in the gas piping from the solid to prevent of the device.

Explanation of products

  • Based on the internal gas plumbing heating temperature

    Inner heater is T/C sensor inserted in the pipe based on the outside temperature of the heating temperature and not on the basis of piping gas eating and
    more efficient inhibition of the formation powder.

  • Stability

    Inner heater is certificated S mark excellent safety certified products.

  • Customized design

    Inner heater is spring coil type so can be installed in curved part of the pipe and designed to fit the size.

  • Extend PM cycle

    When applied to the inner heater, It will maximize the growth of production and efficiency of manpower operation by extending PM cycle average 30 to 180days.

Comparison between Before & After Application of Inner Heater

Range of Application